Restaurant Aquila Nera


Un Where the kitchen is tradition and memory of a fairy tale


Between food and nature

Immersed in a peaceful, natural and tranquil setting, the guests of Castelir Suite Hotel cantake advantage of the Panchià restaurant located at the front of our establishment, with in Hotel Rio Bianco. This historic dwelling is among the most historic and best-known with in Val di Fiemme, and is the home of enogastronomic traditions that have been passed downover generations. Today, too, you can enjoy unforgettable evenings characterised by taste.

Simplicity and freshness at your table

Within the restaurant, a true extension of Castelir Suite Hotel, simplicity, freshness,creativity and culinary art are the perfect ingredients for bringing extraordinary preparations of high-quality to your table. The aim is to surprise and treat our guests withtasty and absolutely genuine dishes.

The authentic flavours of Italian tradition

The cuisine offered by the restaurant allows guests to experience the tastes of tradition andquality. The excellent gastronomic offerings showcase Italian gastronomy as well as the territoriality of the ingredients used – and much more. The atmosphere that has beencreated is that of a refined setting that is simultaneously rich in taste, where the palate canallow itself to be seduced by authentic and genuine flavours.

A cuisine of quality

Typical recipes made from ingredients that are always exceptionally fresh and carefully chosen, as well as high-quality products, result in a perfect mixture of perfumes and aromas, giving live to a culinary experience that is truly unique and will delight the Castelir guestswho love good food and the authentic and genuine taste of delicious dishes prepared by the restaurant’s chef.
Ristorante Panchià
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