Where cooking is tradition and memory


Guests of the Castelir Suite Hotel can enjoy the restaurant "Aquila Nera", located at our historic Hotel Rio Bianco, in an environment rich in history and atmosphere. You can enjoy the menu of the day, with a choice of 4 first courses, 4 second courses and dessert at a cost of Euro 25,00 excluding drinks or dinner à la carte. If in the evening, due to post-hike fatigue or just for "holiday laziness" there will not be the desire to leave the Castelir, you can book dinner which will be served in your room or if the evening will allow it on the private terrace.

Simplicity and freshness at the table

Ivan, creator and owner of the restaurant Aquila Nera Steak House, offers every day excellent meat dishes, from mixed grilled meats, with personally chosen meats, to venison fillet, from black angus steak served with sauces and condiments as desired, to baked glazed shin.

Passion for meat

For the bravest ones there are the majestic Thomahawk, the Fiorentina and the Cowboy steak, served strictly rare that will surely amaze your taste buds.

We meet your every need

Vegetarian? No problem! Our Chef offers a nice choice of meatless dishes as well as a menu of the day, always different with 4 choices of both first and second courses among which there is always a typical Trentino dish. The restaurant offers a choice of desserts all homemade, also let yourself be surprised by the wide choice of wines and beers recommended by the staff.